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Stasse Special Transport Trailer Rental

Big project? Waiting for your new trailer? What the reason is it doesn’t matter call us so we can help you with a suitable trailer. Our speciality is the rental of special transport trailers. The 5 reasons why you should rent: 1 Fixed calculated costs 2 Flexible rental as long as you want 3 Lower investments results in a higher liquidity for you 4 No expensive trailers standing around but only paying for working days 5 Easy to switch trailers to perform different type of transports

Flat-bed teletrailer rental

Extendible flat-bed trailers with loading lengths up to 3 times extendible so you can transport the longest loads. All axles are hydraulic steered with remote control to keep this long trailer manoeuvrable.
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Step-frame trailer rental

A simple extendible step-frame trailer or a hydraulic steered multiple axled trailer for long, heavy machinery and constructions. De step-frame trailer is ideal for the most various sorts of loads that are high, heavy and long.
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Forklift-high reach trailer rental

Stepframe trailers that are specially equiped to transport easy and fast the many different types of forklifts and high reach equipment in the most economic way.
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Low-loader rental

Our low-loaders are very suitable for the transport of extra high and heavy goods such as: open flat bed containers heavy machinery and excavators.
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Stasse Special Trailer Rental
Stasse Trailer Sales
Why rent at Stasse? * Always trailers that are in perfect condition and only used specially for rental * Only premium brands like Nooteboom, Broshuis and Goldhofer * Repair shop specially equipped and experienced on special transport trailers * Professional advice and support * High customer satisfaction * Because we aren’t a transport company you won´t get any competition from us in your work